Best Kids Songs on YouTube for Social Emotional Development

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There is an abundance of ways we can teach social emotional development to our students. One fun way is through music! The amazing part is that no matter what format you are teaching, whether it is in person, hybrid, or virtually, you can still use these resources! How great, right? Simply play it in your classroom or share your screen virtually. You’ll find that these songs are easy to follow along, and you can add in additional skills like playing instruments or dancing. Promoting these additional skills also allow students to practice their fine and gross motor skills at the same time. Check out these fun, interactive videos to promote social emotional learning within the classroom for various age groups! 

  1. The Feelings Song – Scratch Garden 

This video shows a variety of feelings students experience. There are adorable characters that show their emotions. Students can physically see what facial expression match the feeling. The song validates every feeling by saying, “It’s okay to feel (insert feeling),” and “nobody is happy all the time.” It is important for our students to know that we can feel a variety of feelings, and it is normal. We have the power to control what we do and say though no matter what we are feeling. 

2. The Mood Song (Lyric Video) SEL Song for Kids – Narwhals and Waterfalls

This calming song is a perfect way to start off the day, whether it is during class meeting or morning circle. You can either play it for students to listen to, or you can have students follow along. It is extremely catchy with the repeating phrase, “Hey, hey what’s your mood today?” It is very important that our students know how to identify and communicate their mood or feelings effectively. 

3. QuaverSEL Song of the Month: Kind Words – QuaverEd

Do your students like karaoke? This song has the lyrics to go along with the song, so the whole class can sing along! The song focuses on the importance of using kind words with our peers. It even has examples of what kind words we can be saying to others including, “Good job, you’re the best, I’m so glad we are friends.” Students can practice these kind phrases during the video, and you can extend this activity by practicing throughout the school day. 

4. My Wallaby Won’t Use His Words – Play Kids

Conflict is common at any age. When it occurs, sometimes our students may not have the skills developed to react appropriately. In this case a peer kicked Wallaby’s ball away, and he wasn’t too happy. Wallaby starts to scream and shout, but then learns to practice deep breathing. Sing along and watch how the Wallaby develops appropriate skills with his peers. PlayKids has many more songs and videos with a variety of social emotional development. Check out My Bear Doesn’t ShareMy Hippo Can’t Keep His Hands to HimselfMy Monkey Won’t Tell the Truth or head to their YouTube channel for more!

5. Sad, Bad Terrible Day – The Learning Station

Sad, Bad Terrible Day has realistic incidents that may cause a student to have a bad day, like falling down and ripping your clothes! How do we handle it when it happens? “Brush it off,” just like the video says. Students can follow along and copy the movements and lyrics to brush it off and cope with the incident. Don’t forget to wiggle your nose! 

6. Emotions Hokey Pokey – The Kiboomers

Now this video is one that will get your students moving! With a fun little twist to the hokey pokey, students learn a variety of emotions including happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised, and silly. This song has added emotions than those mentioned in the previous videos listed. Additionally, this is great to practice those fine and gross motor skills. 

7. Hello Hello, How Are You – The Kiboomers 

Here is another song to start off your day during morning circle or class meeting. This is a great way to allow your students to greet their peers and share how they are feeling! Once your students get to know the beat, you can sing it on your own and have students participate with their own lyrics. 

8. Story Bots – Songs About Emotions

Most of the songs included on this list are around two to four minutes long. Not this one! Looking for a longer video, you’ve come to the right place. This emotion song is presented by Netflix Jr. and is 10 minutes long. This would be a wonderful Fun Friday activity for students. You can choose to break the video into pieces and focus on one emotion or play it all at once! 

Now It’s Your Turn

What are your favorite songs for social-emotional learning?

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